Our Roots

Educate to Innovate


Established in 1999, Dolphin Child Care started as a dream and stemmed from the need for a better daycare in the area. Dolphin was the first daycare to be officially registered in Choueifat and continues to maintain the highest standards today.

We are often asked why we chose the name Dolphin; Dolphins are intelligent, loyal, fun, loving, and skillful, but mainly, a Dolphin is a friend.

Today, we look back on the successes of your children- our children- when they learn, play, discover, and solve problems. We look back on the wiped tears and blown noses and feel the love we gave them. We look back at the times when they didn’t want to go home and know that they found a second home and family with us.
Every moment we had with them, we signed with love.

Dolphin Child Care isn’t just a nursery; it is a safe space for every child and parent, a place where children can learn, grow, and become their best selves.

Children learn faster than us; they’re also more impressionable than us. This is why we strive to ensure that they have the best, most nurturing environment to help them grow. When we watch our children walk out into the world, we know that we put them on a path to success, and we smile.

20 years separate 1999 and 2019. 20 years of love, experience, and quality.

20 years ago, we put together a set of quality standards, educational goals, and developmental goals. Today, we make sure every child in our care receives all 20 years of experience, love, and quality, one small step at a time.


Amira Sukkar
Owner and Directress

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